Extracting stuff from stuff..


copy and paster data in quipqiup

Use Binwalk to view the content of a file


Extract everythign from the file

binwalk -Me

Search for hidden data

steghide extract -sf filename


Mp3 Files

You can see the file data structure in hex like this
exiftool -v3 
Extract GPS Co-ordinates
exiftool -gpslatitude -gpslongitude IMG_103747.jpg  

Extracting duplicate tags

exiftool -a -u -g1 a.jpg

Print all meta information in an image, including duplicate and unknown tags, sorted by group (for family 1).

Open up Audacity to look for visual hidden information.

If static is heard then the first thing to do is to look at the spectrum analyser.
This was a techniques showcased in Mr Robot. S2E05

First goto the song name from the right hand side menu next to the graph and select 'Spectrogram'

We see the output as Red blocks that isn't very clear.

Next we go back into the 'Spectrogram Settings"

Next change the 'Maximum Frequency' from 8000 (The usual range for MP3's) to display all of the range by adding a few 0's on the end.


Now our output shows some information in the output. We can sort of read it but lets try to make it clearer.

We change the 'Range (dB)' from 80 to 20

Looks lighter but still not so clear.

Now lets put the Range at 20 dB, and lets also change the 'Window Size' to 1024'

Now this is a lot clearer and we can read a hidden message.

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